There is something to be said for delivery of excellence, quality service, expertise and promptness as they are not often found as a complete package – that is until you meet and work with the incomparable Luke James. I have had the immense privilege to work closely with Luke in producing our popular podcast show Up For A Chat and as our AV/IT specialist at our Wellness Couch events. We have no idea how he does it but each week he just magically makes our podcasts appear and they are always perfect. As a speaker you rely and depend on the behind the scene IT to run smoothly, and I can honestly say even when it doesn’t if you are in the hands of this man you would never know. Luke is quiet, professional, thoughtful and always in tune with a podcaster’s or presenter’s needs. He is calm, collected and never ever seems to get phased. I feel incredibly honoured to write this testimonial and sing the praises of one of the worlds most clever and specialised IT experts. It is a treat to work alongside him and I know I speak on behalf of all of us who know him – we feel incredibly blessed to have him on our team indeed.