Kim Morrison

There is something to be said for delivery of excellence, quality service, expertise and promptness as they are not often found as a complete package – that is until you meet and work with the incomparable Luke James. I have had the immense privilege to work closely with Luke in producing our popular podcast show…


Jane Donovan

It is my pleasure to recommend Luke to anyone requiring the type of services he provides. As a host on the Love-Life podcast, it is important to me to surround myself with people who live their life with passion, integrity, commitment and kindness. Luke has consistently over the past year demonstrated all four of these…


Carren Smith

I’ve been working with Luke on various projects including Podcasting and AV for the last year and Oh My Goodness, I’ve had the pleasure of working with someone so articulate, accurate and AWESOME!!! Just recently we have been working on a ‘top secret’ project and I have been blown away by his ability to tell…


Laurence Tham

Luke James and his team is essential to our network for one simple reason… he allows us to focus on what we as podcasters do best…create ideas, while he takes these ideas and turns them into ‘reality’.

That’s how we can change the world. (by making sure ideas don’t just stay as ‘ideas’).