The Wellness Pro


Take the complexity out of podcasting.


Allow me to do the ‘technical stuff’ for you, so that you can focus on what you’re good at: creating life changing content!

Online Learning

Want to get into online learning?

Have an brilliant idea for a 6 week course but no idea how to get it online?

Let me help you take your idea into something you sell!


Event Audio Visual

Running a seminar and need someone to be “behind the scenes” making sure it runs smoothly?


I’m your man! Sorting out the cables, mics, projectors, slideshows and all the hoozits and whatsits so that you can focus on the presentation and all your adoring fans!



Wholistic IT Solutions.


Are you using the right tools for the job? Could those tools be working even better? Need help with mailing lists, membership sites, newsletters or online sales? Share with me where you want your business to go and I will help create the online infrastructure to get you there.



A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video shows. Podcasts cover a vast array of broad and niche topics. They are on-demand and can be played on pretty much any device.


Podcasting is a no brainer for your business.

  • Target your niche audience. (Don’t waste time marketing to people who dont “get” you)

  • Podcasting gives you the opportunity for a direct connection to your audience.

  • Podcasting is intimate. Your audience will feel like they are in personal conversation with you.

  • Podcasts are still relatively new, so get in now while consumers have a smaller selection. Unlike Blogs (estimated to be over 150 MILLION blog sites) they podcast industry is almost an untapped resource. Why wouldn’t you want to be a Big Fish in a small pond?

  • Podcasting is on-demand content so your audience feels in control. Unlike a email newsletter, they are actively seeking your content when and where it suits them. More and more people are getting fed up with marketing, and therefore gravitating to this type of content.

  • Podcasting allows you to easily let people know who you are and what you stand for. This creates a loyal fan base like no other medium.

  • Podcasting allows you to reach a Global Audience. And lets face it, if you want to change the world, you HAVE to go global!

  • An audio and/or visual connection allows you the opportunity to allow the right tone and emphasis to keep your message clear. Blogs, while they allow content, do not allow you to be in control of how your content comes off.
  • Niche Audience

  • Direct connection

  • Intimate Conversations

  • Big Fish, Small Pond

  • On-demand Content

  • Loyal Fan Base

  • Reach A Global Audience

  • Clear Message

Online Learning

Do you have an amazing 6 week course sitting on the back burner because you have no idea how to get it out to people?

I can help take that idea into a product you can sell online!

If you already have the material produced and are looking for a method to sell it, i have help setup your WordPress website to do it. It is also possible to use one of the many 3rd party services available to make it even easier!

Maybe you need help with recording of video and audio for you message. I can help with too. I have all the equipment required to make your course stand out from the chaff.

Event Audio Visual

If you host any sort of information sessions, seminars, conferences, client meetings that require technology – I can help.   Let me take care of the technical side that goes along with running an event, so you can focus on the content, other speakers, your presentation, being the host and interacting with your adoring fans.

I am able to help with

  • On the day setup

  • Running the AV for the day

  • Consult on the equipment that is required

  • Trouble shooting if any technical problems arise

In addition for special events/marketing purposes, Janah is available to do event photography and I can have that up as a slide show on the go, or posted to social media networks on the fly.


With technology moving so fast, it can be hard to keep up. What seemed like the perfect solution yesterday can be superseded tomorrow.

Absolutely, the old tech will still function fine, (provided its not too old of course) but could it be better?

Are you using the right tools for the job?

I will let you know what is possible, what is truly required and what you can expect to update in the future. Could those tools be working better?

You have the right tech in place, but aren’t using it to its optimal potential. You could be missing out. I’ll let you know what else it can do.

Need help with mailing lists, membership sites, newsletters, online selling? No problem, I got you covered. I will show you simple solutions to get what you want out of your website, the best ways to share with the audience you have, and ways to build that audience further.

In essence, share with me where you want your business to go, and I will help you create the infrastructure to get you there!

What our clients say

  • There is something to be said for delivery of excellence, quality service, expertise and promptness as they are not often found as a complete package – that is until you meet and work with the incomparable Luke James. I have had the immense privilege to work closely with Luke in producing our popular podcast show Up For A Chat and as our AV/IT specialist at our Wellness Couch events. We have no idea how he does it but each week he just magically makes our podcasts appear and they are always perfect. As a speaker you rely and depend on the behind the scene IT to run smoothly, and I can honestly say even when it doesn’t if you are in the hands of this man you would never know. Luke is quiet, professional, thoughtful and always in tune with a podcaster’s or presenter’s needs. He is calm, collected and never ever seems to get phased. I feel incredibly honoured to write this testimonial and sing the praises of one of the worlds most clever and specialised IT experts. It is a treat to work alongside him and I know I speak on behalf of all of us who know him – we feel incredibly blessed to have him on our team indeed.

    Kim Morrison
    author, speaker, health & lifestyle educator, mc, marriage celebrant
  • It is my pleasure to recommend Luke to anyone requiring the type of services he provides. As a host on the Love-Life podcast, it is important to me to surround myself with people who live their life with passion, integrity, commitment and kindness. Luke has consistently over the past year demonstrated all four of these qualities. His technical knowledge combined with his fast response to requests has made the production of our show effortless (probably not from his point of view). He is encouraging and accepting of challenges that arise and has always delivered our recordings perfectly produced and to the deadlines which can sometimes be quite short on time. I know you will also experience these wonderful qualities when dealing with Luke.
    Jane Donovan
    match-maker, love and happiness coach, author, speaker
  • I’ve been working with Luke on various projects including Podcasting and AV for the last year and Oh My Goodness, I’ve had the pleasure of working with someone so articulate, accurate and AWESOME!!! Just recently we have been working on a ‘top secret’ project and I have been blown away by his ability to tell me something incredibly technical and actually make me understand it!! When it comes to IT and AV, this is a super unique ability and Luke is well and truly the ultimate pro!

    If you’re only interested in working with the best of the best, you will be in the safest hands with Luke and that’s a promise!

    I would love to keep him all to myself, and therefore know I will regret writing this testimonial!

    Carren Smith
    International Speaker, Author, Mentor
  • Luke James and his team is essential to our network for one simple reason… he allows us to focus on what we as podcasters do best…create ideas, while he takes these ideas and turns them into ‘reality’.

    That’s how we can change the world. (by making sure ideas don’t just stay as ‘ideas’).

    Laurence Tham
    Co-Founder of the The Wellness Guys and The Wellness Couch
  • I love podcasting but I’m no fan of putting the content together into a seamless, great sounding production.  Thankfully, that’s where Luke James comes in and saves the day every single time.

    Jamie Richards
    Founder of Life by Design


To check out some of my featured projects, click below.

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Luke James & Janah James.

Passionate People Doing What They Do Best So You Can Do What You Do Best!

Luke James

The Wellness Pro


Helping people who change the world.

Who are we?

Hi There.

I am Luke James, founder of The IT Wellness Pro.

I am an IT professional with two Cert IV’s in Information Technology and Network Administration, and over 20 years experience in the IT service industry, having worked with well over 100,000 computers across my career.

The first computer I could get my hands on, I had to pull apart, and in that moment I was hooked. If it has tech in it, I have an affinity for it.

Helping people navigate the technology age is a passion of mine and in 2013 I began The Wellness IT Pro to better server this purpose.

I love efficiency and protocol, continually striving to help myself and others save time by developing automation processes wherever possible. 

In my spare time I like to write code and listen to approx 25 hours of tech news podcasts each week, which gives me a great springboard to research the best and latest technology to bring to my clients.


Our philosophy

I have an unwavering passion for IT so you don’t have to.

I am here to free you up from working out how to keep up with all the IT needed to run your business (or life) so you can spend more time doing what you love.

At the same time, it is my wish that you retain control and never feel locked in or reliant on me.

I wish to empower you with technology so that you can be as involved or as distanced from IT as suits you and your needs. [/dt_quote]

We are good at

Audio Production 95%
Video Production 80%
Wordpress 75%
SEO 62%
Digital Graphics 53%
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Years of experience

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Podcast Shows

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Happy clients

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Successful projects



Based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Phone number:

+61 401 535 595


[email protected]


[email protected]

We are contactable:

Everyday 10 AM – 8 PM

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