What you will need to provide me with to ‘get your show on the road’…

This form serves two purposes. First for us to get the information we need to setup your podcast show. Second is for you to have a checklist of the things you need to start your show.

This form is online filled out once to get your show up and running. There is a separate (and much smaller) form for each episode.

I highly recommend you read the Podcasting Jargon FAQ on the right before starting this form.

Leave blank if not required
Leave blank to use the one provided above

Details about your podcast

The name of your show
A short acronym for your show. For example The Wellness Pro Show = TWP, The Brave Exchange = TBE
We use this so the title of each epsiode isn't pushed off the screen by the show name
Short tag line for the show
Should include things like what the show is about, why people should listen to it, who is presenting and why they are the best people to listen to.
Three can be selected. This is the category your show will be listed under in iTunes. A listing of all categories can be found here: http://bit.ly/1fZZeNK
This category will help iTunes work out what your show is about
This category will help iTunes work out what your show is about
The by line on the iTunes page
This email address will be *publicly displayed* and is owner of the iTunes directory listing.
example: Adelaide, Australia. This does not effect which iTunes store you are listed in.
What copyright notices to display in iTunes and embedded into the MP3 files
© All rights reserved - YOUR NAME/BUSINESS NAME
Creative Commons (learn more here creativecommons.org)
Does your podcast contain explicit content
I need this form, artwork and music before I can start getting the podcast setup
Tuesday - Friday are the 'best'. Any day will work fine.
iTunes is recommending not to have episode numbers or a show code in the title. If you do want them that is OK put down what you would like in the other box

Items to be submitted via Dropbox

This section deals with files that need to be sent to me and is just a check list for you.
Once this form is filled in I will create a Dropbox folder for your show. You can then use this Dropbox folder to send me these files.
There is no way to send the files using this form as the music is often quite large.
Much like music album artwork this is the image that will be seen in podcast directories and when the episode is playing on a phone. If you want to get some artwork cheap then check out Fiverr
This is the music that will play at the start and end of your show. Other bumpers can be made to fit in between different segments of the show. It is much like the theme song played at the start of a TV show. The music should reflect the feel of your show. A good place music can be purchased is www.audiojungle.net


Bundle Addons

Podcast Hosting

In order for me to setup your website to host your podcast, i need access to your WordPress site and access to your website hosting.
The address (URL) of the website being used to display the podcast
I use the WordPress Admin account to setup your site to deliver the podcast feed. The feed is what your listeners will use to get the latest episode. I also install an online form which is how you can provide me with information on each episode, title, description etc.
I use FTP to upload the produced episodes to your website. I use FTP as there is no size limit on the recordings that can be uploaded. Often WordPress is limited to less than the size of a normal 30min episode.


Podcasting Jargon

Podcast – Describe the whole show together. Just like someone can have a TV Show, you will have a Podcast Show.

Episode – One recording of a podcast show. Each episode is hosted on your website. They are MP3 format.

Podcast Feed – The feed is what your listeners subscribe to. It is what your listeners will check for new episodes. It is what is submitted to iTunes (and other podcast directories). The Podcast Feed is hosting on your site. It uses RSS technology.

iTunes – A podcast directory of Podcast Feeds run by Apple. iTunes does not host your episodes.

FTP – File Transfer Protocol. A method of transferring files on the internet. Useful as there are no file size limits.

  • Submission process overview

Using an iPhone to record

If you want to use your iPhone to record your show then DropVox http://www.irradiatedsoftware.com/dropvox/  will do the job. You will just need to save the recording to your shows submissions folder. DropVox is pretty basic if you want something with some more features then SoundVault is worth looking at. http://www.soundness-llc.com/soundvault.html

Using Skype to record

Skype is a great way to record with your Co-Hosts and interview guests.

You will need to use a separate application to do the recording. There are lots of applications that can do it but here are the two that I have been recommended by other podcasters:
Windows: http://amolto.com/
Mac: http://www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/

I don’t have any user guides written for them, but they are pretty easy to use. You do not need to record the video just the audio. Also it is best if you and your guest use headphones while recording as it will reduce the chances of echo in the recording.

It is easy to practice using the app by calling the Skype call testing service which is on your contact list under “Echo / Sound Test Service”

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