Getting a new episode is hard enough without all of messing around after the recording. You focus on making the best show you can and I will focus on making sound the best it can.

My podcasting post-production work-flow aims to minimise the amount of duplication and grunt work required to get the show out each week. I employ automation whenever I can, make the technology work for us, at lest until the robot uprising.

The post-production service includes:

  • Clean the show content. Some examples
    • Background noise removal
    • Balance the volume between each person
    • Removal of long silences
    • Cut out any parts you list
    • Removal or repackaging of bloopers
    • Join together several different recordings
  • Add metadata tags with information about the episode
  • Add music stings: intro, outro, segment breaks
    • Rotating advertisements or messages from your audience
  • Upload the recording to the required place on-line
    • Your WordPress website
    • YouTube
    • Libsyn
    • Blubrry
    • SoundCloud
  • Keep you podcast up to date with any technical changes
  • 72 hour turn around