Podcasting Ready to GO Bundle!

$397 + GST

What does the bundle contain?

All of the tech setup to launch a podcast including the editing of the first 3 episodes and 1 promo.

Initial setup of the podcast:

– Setup of a podcast hosting service to provide a podcast feed and host the recordings

– Setup automation tools to simplify the podcasting process

– Creation of 3 musical stings e.g. intro and outro

– Help submitting your podcast to iTunes, Spotify and Google Play

– Stat tracking for episode downloads

– Editing of the first 3 episode at the Advanced tier


Ongoing audio production for the first 3 episodes

The ongoing service includes:

– Clean up recordings (see post production tasks below)

– Add music stings: intro, outro, segment breaks

– Tag the recording with information about the episode

– Upload the recording to the required place on-line

– Keep you podcast up to date with any technical changes

– 72 hour turn around


Post production tasks:

– Background noise removal

– Volume level balance

– Cut out mistakes

– Removal or repackaging of bloopers

– Join together several different recordings

– Removal of long pauses greater than 1 second

– Music stings for different sections of you show

– Rotating advertisements or messages from your audience


What do you need to provide?

– Artwork for your podcast

– Music for the intro/outro

Ongoing Editing Production

The tiers are per episode so you can bump up a tier if a particular episode requires something extra.


All tiers include:

  • Audio balance to ensure the volume of the episode is consistent across the track.
  • Top and tailing of the recording
  • Adding the intro and outro music to the start and end of the episode
  • Uploading the episode to the required hosting service and scheduling it for release.
  • Basic background noise removal for things like air conditioning


Basic: $35/episode + GST

  • Single Recording session
  • 3 edits to the recording where you can specify the time codes and I will make the edit
    • For example phone ringing, coughing, saying the wrong name of a product etc


Advanced: $45/episode + GST

  • Additional full background noise removal up to what is possible.
    • For example traffic is very hard to remove due to the shift in sound. Wind can be tricky to remove but the results are generally very good.
  • Shrinking of long pauses ‘dead air’ in the recording 
  • Creation of a snippet from the audio for social media sharing or use as a preroll (before the intro) teaser.
  • 10 edits to the recording where you can specify the time codes and I will make the edit
    • Extra edits are $2.2 each
  • Advanced audio repair for things like echo/reverb, extremely quite or clipped sound.
  • Add up to 2 extra music breaks like between a pre-recorded intro and the separately recorded main content.


Advanced+: $45/episode + $2/min for the first 30min then $1/min after that  + GST

  • Includes everything in the advanced tier
  • I listen to the episode and edit out things that don’t add value to the episode.
    • For example stammers, stutters, repeated word, excessive Ums/ahhs

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