Client: The Wellness Couch

Task: Running the event AV systems

Live events are always exciting. The Wellness Summits are certainly an event to remember with 8 speakers clocking in at over 10 hours they are long days.

For the Summits I liaise with the event venue to work out what equipment they have so I can maximise there impact on the day. I take care of everything from:

Micing up speakers

Switching the video projectors between the presentations, the live video, tabata timers, random name selectors, photos and more.

Balancing audio to ensure everyone can be heard.

Making sure the computers for presentation behave themselves

And most importantly making sure the speakers can focus on what they do best, speaking!


Janah took all of the beautiful photos you see below (even the one of me hunched over the AV desk :P)

TWSM Final-22

TWSM Final-15

TWSM Final-27

TWSM Final-91

TWSM Final-112

TWSM Final-202

TWSM Final-212

TWSM Final-211

TWSM Final-235

TWSM Final-292

TWSM Final-312